Wednesday, 21 July 2010

just sharing....

I got some new inks yesterday ( they are fresh so look a little sore!) The one on my hand is an extension and was originally on the side tip-finger tattoos HURT!!!-but it was worth it . I LOVE this beauty, even more than I did before I added the extra bits!!! :)
The dragonfly-well, it was a reaction not everyone will understand, to recent events and signifies to me-amongst other things-the brevity and preciousness of our fragile lives.
My beautiful daughter rolled her car last weekend ( simple mistake on a country lane in the rain...) but came away with only minor injuries.
That alone has to be the late night call any parent dreads and when I saw what was left of her car later this week I felt the shock twice over, I do not know how she could have walked away from it.
For that I am forever grateful - and to the people who happened by and offered aid and called for help, blessings always.Am taking a BIG reality check here!
Cherish every moment lovely people, you never know when it might get snatched away-thank you for listening to me share!

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