Monday, 2 August 2010 - main blog for all updates from now on!

Just for simplicity and to cut down on my time spent on admin at the computer, I have decided to combine both my textile/fiber art and mixed media work-paintings etc all onto my main blog SUJATI.BLOGSPOT.COM. I hope not to lose any followers in the process, so please follow the link and joing my main blog if you are not already following it! Thank you! :)

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Work in Progress....New Whimsical Art Dolls-coming soon!

Another little snippet here from my latest projects....these are so exciting, I can hardly wait to share them when complete....not long now! Do you like her face? Hand drawn in permanent pigments on fabric, I just love the quirky look of these and the soft fabric faces...OK,back to work I go!
Will have something finished to post for tomorrow, so drop by again soon!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Work in Progress....

oh my oh my, have I got some goodies coming up to share with you!!!! WATCH THIS SPACE LOADS MORE TO FOLLOW!! :)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

just sharing....

I got some new inks yesterday ( they are fresh so look a little sore!) The one on my hand is an extension and was originally on the side tip-finger tattoos HURT!!!-but it was worth it . I LOVE this beauty, even more than I did before I added the extra bits!!! :)
The dragonfly-well, it was a reaction not everyone will understand, to recent events and signifies to me-amongst other things-the brevity and preciousness of our fragile lives.
My beautiful daughter rolled her car last weekend ( simple mistake on a country lane in the rain...) but came away with only minor injuries.
That alone has to be the late night call any parent dreads and when I saw what was left of her car later this week I felt the shock twice over, I do not know how she could have walked away from it.
For that I am forever grateful - and to the people who happened by and offered aid and called for help, blessings always.Am taking a BIG reality check here!
Cherish every moment lovely people, you never know when it might get snatched away-thank you for listening to me share!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook user? Please click ****HERE**** to go visit my fanpage on facebook-first place for updates and also monthly giveaways-simply click to 'like' my page for a chance to win now!!

Libra Art Doll ( SOLD)

Facebook user? Please click ****HERE**** to go visit my fanpage on facebook-first place for updates and also monthly giveaways-simply click to 'like' my page for a chance to win now!!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Treasure Box in Rustic Reds.....

This darling Treasure Box is currently available for sale HERE

Very limited availability, so if this is the one for you then snap it up as I have just a few of these little beauties available for sale after a large exhibition I've just finished!

Textile Art unique Treasure Box, created in rust-coloured linen fabric, embellished with a beautiful array of beads,fibres and stitchery and topped with a handmade fabric flower.
Luxuriously padded and lined in plush silky cream cotton,this box measures (approx) 7cm sq. ( about 3" Sq).
Every Sujati Treasure Box is entirely unique and original-a lovely gift for yourself or someone special!
This size normally retails in galleries at around $55, so a very competitive price too-direct from the artist (me!)

Friday, 9 July 2010

CHERISH- Fabric Art Album

Scrummy new fabric album just completed-entitled CHERISH and crammed with lovely tags,ephemera,papers,fabrics,beads and stitchery this one is a real treat! PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS!