Friday, 26 February 2010

new new new!!!

Scrummy new fabric art earrings available in any colours on request for your Spring time wardrobe! CLICK HERE for more details!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Work in Progress....

Snapshots of parts of my latest commissioned piece in progress....

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Spring Blooms!

New flower designs for Spring 2010!

Friday, 19 February 2010

off topic...

But had to be shared....birthday cakes!!! :)

Monday, 15 February 2010

Better Than Post-Its...

One of my colleagues saw the state of my scribbled on hands the other day and swore he would get me organised and buy me a pack of those sticky note thingys- but I actually really hope he was joking, because I never, ever got the hang of them.....I just lose them...or launder them...or leave the pad somewhere else when I need it HERE...and anyway,those little stubby pads? ugh, no! Just so uncomfortable to write on!
I quite like the challenge of deciphering my scrawls before showering when I get home from the studio anyways :)
This was quite a good day-only one palm's worth of notes!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's day Everyone!

Wishing you love and happiness on Valentine's day...this is a snippet from a work in progress for a commissioned series of pieces I am currently working on...seemed a very fitting picture for today :)

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Treasure Box in pinks....

Plush in pink with a golden lining this is one of my favourites... I'm currently busy on some custom orders so will be sharing some work in progress photos with you soon-enjoy this in the meantime!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Many Many Flower Rings!!!!!

This was a snapshot I took last night of a handful of the scrummy new flower rings I have been making for a gallery order, gorgeous Spring colours all ready for the gallery opening at Easter!
More flower rings are also available in my fabric art accessories store PLEASE CLICK HERE to visit there now and take a look around!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Follow the link to my Sujati Studio Fanpage - (below on the right!) Simply join and leave a comment there to be entered into my free draw for this gorgoeus handmade flower ring giveaway this month! Free postage worldwide, I can send to you anywhere if your name is picked at the end of February!

Friday, 5 February 2010


I am so excited! Launch night is Saturday 6th from 7pm-a big thank you to all my dear friends and family who will be coming along to show their support, I really appreciate it!
Photos from the exhibit to follow very soon for all you lovely readers and blog followers who cannot attend the show in person :) xxx

New Art for Spring at Seiners in Perranporth.

Seiners Hotel, Bar and Restaurant in Perranporth is starting the new season with a fresh exhibition of local art. The launch night is open to everyone and features music provided by the soulful folk songs of Pippa Williams. The opening will be held on Saturday 6th February from 7.00p.m and features six emerging artists from Cornwall. The exhibition will be on display until April throughout Seiners.

The exhibition promises to be an eclectic mix of genres and mediums representing an array of local talent:

Camilla Dixon came to live in the raw open space of coastal North Cornwall from the chaotic Southern Italian city of Naples in 2004. The extreme contrast of environment necessitated a major change in medium: after ten years of working in collage she turned to oil paint.

Sue Young invites the viewer to explore her work's tactile as well as visual qualities and draws endless inspirations from the Cornish beaches and countryside. Powerful scenery provides a deeply inspiring backdrop to ancient myth and legend throughout this beautiful county and gives a sense of magic and mystery which influences the work. She combines textile techniques with paint and collage, carefully drawn together to create a unique and personal world of wonderment!

Through her work Traci Watts explores her relationship to the paint she uses by manipulating it in various ways. She is particularly interested in how different mark-making techniques affect the attitude of the paint. Colour also plays a big role in Traci's work as well as in her life in general. She has become an expert at mixing paint to make the exact colour that she wishes to use, often creating ultra vibrant shades which enchant and surprise the viewer.

Tina Carewilloughby's work develops from ideas of escape into local natural areas –beaches, woods and also the safety of home. She is inspired by the way nature employs strategies to continue its path in the face of adversity; she uses this philosophy towards life every day.

Born in St. Ives Sam Bassett went on to study at Falmouth College of Arts and The Arts Institute Bournemouth. His recent works are a reflection on personal events, using fragments of conversation, memories and thoughts. The artist creates a hub of activity from words and images, which are often overridden in a very intuitive way with fresh thoughts as his paintings are worked into.

Paul Tomline is a photographer from Cornwall who works in a black and white classic style. His photographs present Cornwall as a dramatic and distinct landscape, full of possibility.

The Seiners Hotel, Restaurant and Bar is proud to present up and coming artists from around Cornwall and is a beautiful setting for the regions cultural talent. Come on down on Saturday 6th February from 7pm for an evening of art and music on the beachfront in Perranporth. The exhibition will be on show until April, for more information please contact Art Extravaganza at

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

wow,wow and WOW!

Oh my! Just had to show off a few of these! A very dear friend of mine has recently finished a Masters Degree in Textile Design.....and is now taking off a few (well deserved)months to go travelling.
This being the case she is downsizing many of her possessions and selling off many of her wordly when it came to her collection of TOTALLY UNIQUE NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN DIGITALLY DESIGNED AND PRINTED FABRICS-well, her first thought when looking for a good home for these wonderful creations so precious to her heart,was to speak to yours truly right here of course!
These are AMAZING-this is just a handful of examples that I snapped whilst sorting through them....I don't have the words to express my joy and inspiration at this amazing collection.
As an artist and designer I admire this lady's work so so much and have been lucky enough to peek in and see how some of these design have developed along the way-and to NOW have the chance to use and create with some of her fabrics, well....INSPIRATIONS are overflowing here!!!
The only drawback this week is that I have to put the ideas on hold ( I am surgically attached to my sketchpad/notepad so as not to lose any of the ideas buzzing here in the meantime) whilst I get ready for an exhibition beginning this weekend-exciting enough in itself really! Further details on that to follow tomorrow....meanwhile...enjoy the little teasers-I am!