Wednesday, 3 February 2010

wow,wow and WOW!

Oh my! Just had to show off a few of these! A very dear friend of mine has recently finished a Masters Degree in Textile Design.....and is now taking off a few (well deserved)months to go travelling.
This being the case she is downsizing many of her possessions and selling off many of her wordly when it came to her collection of TOTALLY UNIQUE NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN DIGITALLY DESIGNED AND PRINTED FABRICS-well, her first thought when looking for a good home for these wonderful creations so precious to her heart,was to speak to yours truly right here of course!
These are AMAZING-this is just a handful of examples that I snapped whilst sorting through them....I don't have the words to express my joy and inspiration at this amazing collection.
As an artist and designer I admire this lady's work so so much and have been lucky enough to peek in and see how some of these design have developed along the way-and to NOW have the chance to use and create with some of her fabrics, well....INSPIRATIONS are overflowing here!!!
The only drawback this week is that I have to put the ideas on hold ( I am surgically attached to my sketchpad/notepad so as not to lose any of the ideas buzzing here in the meantime) whilst I get ready for an exhibition beginning this weekend-exciting enough in itself really! Further details on that to follow tomorrow....meanwhile...enjoy the little teasers-I am!

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