Monday, 18 January 2010

Mini Fabric Album

OOh scrummy! I'm so delighted to be sharing this darling little album with you!
This album was created using fabrics and papers with stitchery embellishments. The style is very much grunge/shabby chic,with layers of yummy fabrics and papers,raw and torn edges and uncut threads-do not assume from this design style that it is loosely stitched however, it is firmly finished,and whilst designed to fray,the edges have been finished to prevent too much unravelling-it is very much designed to be handled! This is such a special piece of textile art.
This is a miniature size version of my fabric albums. It's so cute I almost didn;t part with it, so I hope it finds a loving home!There are still ten pages, not including the front cover entitled 'IMPULSE' and back cover embellished with 'FOREVER' with fabric and stitchery.
Book is filled with all manner of stitch and fabrics,inspirational/mantra style words and a couple pages have tiny pockets for some of my handmade tags .
I have included lots of photos so the page may take a moment or two to load but is well worth it! Album measures ROUGHLY 3" square and approx just less than 2" or so thick
Currently available for sale HERE!!!

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Sujati said...

Sorry-now sold-more mini albums to follow soon!