Friday, 22 January 2010


Love my sewing machines,truly,....each one has a special place in my heart,it's own certain strengths and weaknesses....I have an old,old metal Singer (electric,so not antique for any of you who are interested) which can no longer wind it's own bobbins and is SO HEAVY-but it will sew through anything from paper to vilene and runs smoothly with a perfect stitch, even threaded with sparkly Indian embroidery threads that no other machine can stitch further then 2cm without snarling and snapping-what a hero,worth keeping around just for that.I have a friendly,cheap modern machine which is reserved for experimental projects that might damage a more delicate motor-this one could not sound any worse that it does already,but it rattles through all kinds of weird stuff.
I ADORE my overlocker (serger, I think,for U.S. visitors) for it's efficiency and speed,though I must confess I am STILL getting to know it after 7 years and still have to keep the manual handy at times!
My pride and joy is a high-range computerised Brother ( scary £££££s but worth every bit)-it offers SO much,I never cease to be amazed at it's skills .... if only it made tea as well and my life would be complete :)
The only issue I suffer from time to time is that the more a machine can do,the more fussy it is that you do it RIGHT -fine if you are prepared (not really my style!)and know what your project needs and have plenty of time for fine adjustments, but for me,when the muse strikes,I tend to work fast,instinctively and with a vast range of fabrics and threads. It hates me when I do that :( It spits at metallics.... Coughs at fluffy fabrics.... and today it growled to a complete halt and stated on-screen 'safety mechanism activated' Did I know it could say that? Erm, no. The good thing about that function is that it stops you from messing up the machine by sewing when it might hurt it...told you it was clever didn't I? Not to be outsmarted, I fiddled,cleaned,faffed and generally overhauled the situation until things ran smoothly again....then I opened the window and let out the colourful vocabulary which accompanied this delay. We are now friends again....and my stitching does NOT make a grinding sound and look like this photo any more,which is GOOD news...although my inspiration has evaporated and I have nothing else to show you until tomorrow.....

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