Friday, 26 June 2009

A day spent dyeing.......

The weather was kind for long enough this week to get some serious dyeing done-it's just too messy to attempt indoors so I set it all up outside-what fun, and great success I think!!

A bunch of scrummy new coloured fabrics drying on the line.....

I should have worn gloves I guess, but it will fade after a day or two and you just can't get stuck in there properly with gloves on!

Even my handmade papers didn't escape this time-how wonderful do these look now?

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Flower Pins!!

Gorgeous new flower pin designs now available! Check out this beautiful red one and many more currently on auction HERE -throw in a bid now to grab yourself a bargain!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Just a few sneaky peeks!....

One of my most wonderful customers is out there right now,wondering how her order is going, ( it has been quite a few weeks now...) -it always seems impolite to mention names directly here,so we will call her S. You know who you are!!
Anyways,the next few posts over the rest of this week are especially for you, S, - this is my way of reassuring you that I AM still on the case,honest,-if a little further behind than I would have hoped at this point in time!
Your patience is appreciated and the good news is that your order has my full and undivided attention for the rest of this week ( yes, I have actually,-temporarily!- caught up on myself for a moment), so please sit back and enjoy the sneak previews of some of your pieces,all in various states of progress.....

Above are some of the yummy ingredients going into these pieces.......organza,hessian,velvets,fibers,and some really gorgeous vintage fabrics which I have coffee-dyed,just gorgeous!
Below are previews of these custom pieces, which include an altered board book, a wonderful LARGE fabric art album and several of my unique treasure boxes.....

Thursday, 4 June 2009

New Fiber Art Ring Designs Now Available!

Lots of new fabric flower ring designs currently available now in my new etsy store
Lots of new colours for summer coming soon!