Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Spring Blooms

'Spring Blooms' is a light-hearted and pretty work which includes a variety of my own hand made and hand dyed felt and fabric,vintage fabrics,and embroidery. Work measures (approx) 8" x 9" and is backed with vintage upholstery fabric and suspended from a wooden rod dowel, so is ready to be hung immediately on display.
A lovely light piece,with a fresh and inviting appearance!

I am so pleased to be offering for sale this lovely fiber art work,it would really make a splendid addition to any art collection!
Currently for sale HERE!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Fabric Collage Album

Currently available for sale HERE!

This album was created using fabrics and papers with stitchery,textile art techniques and vintage image embellishments. The style is very much grunge/shabby chic,with layers of yummy fabrics and papers,raw and torn edges and uncut threads-do not assume from this design style that it is loosely stitched however, it is firmly finished,and whilst designed to fray,the edges have been finished to prevent too much unravelling-it is very much designed to be handled!
There are eight pages, not including the front and back covers,all embellished with lace and embroidery,filled with scrummy tags,all handmade using papers,beads,fibres and all manner of stitch and fabrics,tucked into a variety of hidden pockets. Also the sweetest miniature fabric booklet sits inside one of these pockets ( see photos) . Each little page of the booklet has been primed for your own additional notes,stamps and sketches ( graphite,stamping,colour pencil and permanent ink all work very well on these!).Plenty of sumptuous additions and still space ready for you to add all your precious mementos,letters and photos to create a personal album!
Album measure ROUGHLY 7" x 8" and rests closed at approx 2"" thick.
I'm not sure that my photos do it justice!It is hard to convey the textural appeal of these lovely fabrics and papers. A great deal of care and time was spent creating it and this lovely book is extremely tactile and appealing this would make a wonderful gift filled with mementos from a special occasion,or a fabulous memories journal or scrapbook - it's begging to be crammed full of extras and goodies and could inspire all types of new creativity!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Ta-dah!!!!! The Lady Amber!

Here she is at last,The Lady Amber, in all her glorious detail.
Sorry folks,thank you for the enquiries, but she ALREADY sold and will be on her way to a lovely new home tomorrow. Please do check back often as I have a number of designs in the pipeline-and commissions/interest/questions are, of course, ALWAYS welcome!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Art Doll-in progress......almost there!!!!

The last of my detail shots on this piece of work,little pointy-toed pixes boots adorn her feet ( and a fiddly time was had creating these beauties let me tell you!) I originally cut a set with gorgeous soft suede soles,but once they were made I wasn't happy with them as they seemed too weighty for the piece. These are much better,light and soft,in warm dyed cotton,with darling gold flower bead embellishments and teeny tiny sparkling metallic stitchery-designed especially to allow her to trip about on light and dainty toes!!
Don't forget to check back again tomorrow to see the full finished figure in all her glory!

Art Doll-in progress......and so it continues!

Another detail shot-hand made fabric rose,dyed and painted embellishes the back of her skirt............

Art Doll-in progress......and so it continues!

Wings-detail shot...........wrapped fibers and wires with machine embroidery.
Just a few tasters-she is complete and will be photographed in full on my blog here TOMORROW! :)

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Flower Pins!!

It's been a little quiet here this week-the photos here are by way of explanation! I have been very busy filling two gallery orders for my flower pins-which is GREAT news of course,to see businesses thriving and getting ready for the Spring season ahead! This is a view of the first order,soo to be flying to Tuscany ( wish I was going with them for a few weeks!) and the second order is now also nearly complete ( phew!)
Unfortunately that did mean that my beautiful art doll, which I have been steadily posting updates on, had to wait a few days for her shoes,poor soul-you cannot rush these things, as I don't want them to hurt her feet :) and they are a long and detailed item to make ( I did finish her wings,though-they will be attached last,pics to follow!) but I am on the case and will be posting her here along with gorgeous footwear very shortly! :)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Art Doll-in progress......and so it continues!

The work continues!!! I also have just finished some beautiful wired and embroidered wings and have been machine-wrapping fine wires to create her hair-I envision some pretty wild curls and possible a bit of a 'Coolio' thing going on with the hat/hairstyle combo :)