Thursday, 12 March 2009

Flower Pins!!

It's been a little quiet here this week-the photos here are by way of explanation! I have been very busy filling two gallery orders for my flower pins-which is GREAT news of course,to see businesses thriving and getting ready for the Spring season ahead! This is a view of the first order,soo to be flying to Tuscany ( wish I was going with them for a few weeks!) and the second order is now also nearly complete ( phew!)
Unfortunately that did mean that my beautiful art doll, which I have been steadily posting updates on, had to wait a few days for her shoes,poor soul-you cannot rush these things, as I don't want them to hurt her feet :) and they are a long and detailed item to make ( I did finish her wings,though-they will be attached last,pics to follow!) but I am on the case and will be posting her here along with gorgeous footwear very shortly! :)

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